“I can look back happily and say I’ve learned a lot, about music and about life and myself. I think there’s a lot of growing and, you know, change is inevitable but growth is optional. There’s been a lot of change and hopefully some good growth — some probably came kicking and screaming, but I think there’s been some.”

Locke is engaged in writing his first string composition for the faculty at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Wisconsin, while his “pen is active again” in writing new music for himself. And he works regularly with students from a variety of programs in order to “share myself and share my experience and my job of musicmaking.”

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With Students in Cagliary, Italy, 2015

“That’s the most important thing, to pass on what I love about making music,” Locke says. “I do it infrequently enough that it’s still a novelty and a pleasure for me, and I think that makes it more of a plus for the students, too. I never forget the young musician that I once was and those doors opening for me the first time and the experiences I had when I was younger that really left a mark on me. So I’d like to return that and do the same for students now.”

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