Force Of Four – music bundle

Complete 8-track album download 320bit mp3s
3 pieces / 5 versions of original sheet music by Joe Locke:
Available in Blue (lead sheet + solo vibes), Ruminations (lead sheet + solo vibes), Alpha Punk (lead sheet)

Original price was: $39.49.Current price is: $32.90.

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[_track title=”Like Joe” src=”″]
[_track title=”Ruminations” src=”″]
[_track title=”Ricky’s Tune” src=”″]
[_track title=”No Moe” src=”″]
[_track title=”Available in Blue” src=”″]
[_track title=”Alpha Punk” src=”″]
[_track title=”Laura” src=”″]
[_track title=”Blue November” src=”″]