Duet for Marimba and Vibraphone (with Crotales and Tuned Gongs)
Commissioned by Escape X Percussion Duo

3 part PDFs: Score, Vibraphone (Crotales), Marimba (Tuned Gongs)
composed by Joe Locke / published by Wire Walker Music, BMI & Break-A-Leg Productions, BMI


More about 'Parkway'

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Commissioned by the Escape X Percussion Duo, jazz vibraphonist/composer Joe Locke crafted a programmatic tribute to his new home of New Jersey, and, more specifically, the Garden State Parkway. Driving along the tree-lined roads of the Parkway with a cloudless, blue sky on the horizon can be blissful, but New Jersey’s fast drivers can often make the drive somewhat less than calm. Locke perfectly captured this juxtaposition by writing for marimba and vibraphone. He also incorporated Escape X’s iconic style of adding extra sounds to the keyboards by writing for tuned gongs and crotales.