• audio CD (postal delivery) 

featuring Joe Locke, Mark Ledford, Henry Hey, Eric Revis, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Paul Bollenback, Tim Garland

Label: Sirocco, 2001


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[_track title=”The Thrill Is Gone” src=”″]
[_track title=”Nature Boy” src=”″]
[_track title=”Hello Like Before” src=”″]
[_track title=”Who Killed Davey Moore?” src=”″]
[_track title=”Midnight Star” src=”″]
[_track title=”Tale of Coincidence” src=”″]
[_track title=”Blame It on My Youth” src=”″]
[_track title=”I’ll Be There” src=”″]
[_track title=”Don’t Let It Bring You Down” src=”″]