The instrument I play is my vehicle of expression and should enhance not hinder my creativity.

The Malletech Omega does just that. It makes me feel like playing. When I step up to it and play a note it responds in a way that makes me feel good. Makes me wanna play another note and another note after that. It’s amazing what Leigh Stevens has done in the creation of this instrument. What I mean by “hindering creativity” is that sometimes previous instruments I’ve had or have rented for recording sessions and concerts make little noises that really take away from my being able to concentrate on the sound that’s coming out of the instrument. One of the great things about the Omega is how solid and noiseless it is. So, when I step up to the instrument and play, all I get back is the beautiful sound of the Malletech bars.

Another thing that I think sets Malletech apart from other companies is its constant and ongoing commitment to progress. If there’s something they feel could be better they’re gonna make it better – and quickly. There have been many times when I’ve made a suggestion or someone else on the Omega Team has made a suggestion and very very quickly we’re being called back in to have a look at the change that we’ve suggested, which really makes me personally feel that my suggestions as a professional player are really taken into consideration and respected. And I think the result shows in the quality of the instrument.

For example I thought quite a while ago that the bars were A1 and I really enjoyed playing them. But Stefon Harris, a member of the Omega Team and Leigh Stevens were having a conversation, and Stefon’s very very insightful and has an incredibly discerning ear and he – after a conversation with Stefon, Leigh decided to make yet another change in the bar formula and they told me about it and I thought to myself “I really cannot see how the bars could be any better” – and I since have played the new bars that they’ve made a little tweak to and they’re indeed better.

So, it’s really amazing to me how an instrument that’s already so good is continually evolving into a better and better instrument. The instrument of the 21st century actually.

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